Mobile E-commerce

Revolutionize your business with our digital online ordering solution. Streamline your operations as we assist SMEs in crafting and managing personalized digital ordering systems.

Easy & Convenient. Sell Anywhere, Anytime!

Our MiniShop offers a comprehensive package, including digital menu creation, seamless payment integration, and efficient order management. Elevate your customer experience and simplify your processes with our user-friendly solutions. Let's embark on a journey of digital efficiency together!

Instant Commerce, Anywhere, Anytime:

Introducing SME Minishop!

  • Easy & Convenient: Simplify your online selling experience with SME Minishop.
  • Understanding SME Challenges: Recognizing the struggles faced by SMEs in the digital landscape.
  • Platform Dilemmas: Too many options with high competition and transaction fees.
  • High Costs of Own Websites: Building e-commerce sites with high costs and low traffic.
  • SME Minishop Solution: A lite ecommerce platform with standalone product links.
  • No E-store Needed: Start selling online without the need for a full-fledged e-commerce website.
  • Diverse Payment Options: Catering to popular payment modes such as Visa, Master, PayNow, Grab Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and Union Pay.
  • Quick Setup: Begin selling via social media in just 10 minutes with three simple steps: Create, Upload, Share! No extensive e-commerce website required.

Sell Smarter with MiniShop:

Safe, Easy, Fast!

  • Safe, Easy, Fast: Prioritize the safety, simplicity, and speed of your selling experience.
  • Lite E-commerce: MiniShop is a streamlined social commerce platform, creating standalone product links.
  • No E-store Needed: Sell anytime, anywhere without the hassle of setting up a full e-commerce website.
  • Simplified Structure: MiniShop breaks down complex e-commerce structures, eliminating the need for templates.
  • User-Friendly Buying: Buyers aren't required to log in, sign up, or complete email verification before making orders.
  • No Web Design Skills Needed: Sellers can sell effectively without learning web design or coding.
  • Versatile Selling Locations: Sell on social media, live streams, chatrooms, blogs, websites, offline print media, and on various devices.
  • Payment Options: Accept a variety of payment modes, including Visa, Master, UnionPay, Corporate PayNow, GrabPay, WeChat Pay, and Alipay.

Why The MiniShop?

Sell Online Via Social Media

Increase Revenue

Increase Returning Customers

Increase Customer Engagment

One Dashboard, Instant Transactions

Integrated Payment Gateway

Multiple Promotion Campaign

Easy, Simple & Fast

First of its kind! WhatsApp Campaign, Chatbot Automation, Shopping Cart, Digital Payment & Ambassador Selling

  • Customized Whatsapp Broadcast
  • Easy Product Managment
  • No Merchant Commissions
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Email Notification
  • Integrated Secure Payment Gateway
  • Commission Allocation
  • Payment Report
  • Multiple Promotional Pages
  • Affilate Merketing Sales Ambassador

Let's embark on a journey of digital efficiency together!


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