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with your customers with our Condo Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising, in various regions of Singapore, providing the perfect access to a group of high-income locals and foreign condominium residents which is a target market not easy to reach.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Advertising for Singapore Private Condos

Reach Your Target Audience in Style

Welcome to a new era of advertising with our Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) solutions strategically designed for private condominiums in Singapore. Elevate your brand's presence with targeted campaigns that captivate your audience in the environments where they live, ensuring unparalleled visibility and engagement.

What is DOOH Advertising?

DOOH advertising encompasses a wide range of digital displays, including billboards, video screens, and interactive kiosks, strategically placed in high-traffic locations such as streets, public transportation hubs, and shopping malls. These displays deliver captivating visuals and engaging messages to a captive audience, making them an ideal medium for promoting private condos in Singapore.

100 Private Condos Available to Choose

Key Features

  • Targeted Visibility: Direct your message to a discerning audience within exclusive private condominiums, maximizing the impact of your campaign.
  • Strategic Placement: Our campaigns are strategically placed in high-traffic areas within these condos, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.
  • Visual Excellence: Leverage high-quality displays and visuals, capturing the attention of residents and visitors alike with compelling and vibrant advertisements.
  • Engagement Analytics: Track and analyze the performance of your campaigns through real-time engagement analytics, allowing for strategic adjustments and optimizations.

Ad Space Details

  • Operation Time: 0600 - 2359 Hrs (18 hours / per day)
  • Time: 15 seconds per slot
  • 50% screen space for advertisements (Static or/and Video)
  • 50% screen space for MCST notices

Ads impression*

  • Per day: 216 Impressions 🌅
  • Per week: 1,512 Impressions 📅
  • Per month: 6,480 Impressions 🌑

*Calculations is based on number of units at the condo, average occupancy & running rate from operation hour.


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